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pas facile mais ça change

pas facile mais ça change


Very addict game, my all time favourite. ...after 4-5 games i updated to the pro version. Try this game, you will love it! Big thank you from Hungary!


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Needs a pause button

Great & easy game. Kids love it too! It would be nice if u could pause it :)

Very fun game, but needs work to be perfect...

Like the other reviewers have said, this game is fun and addicting. It seems like a mixture of a fast-paced version of Bejeweled and Tetris. The game could use some new features and updates, though. Like being able to pause - thats a must-have feature that makes the game slightly frustrating without it. Also, adding high scores and a game menu would be nice. In its current form, the game just starts up and goes straight to the game. There needs to be a menu interface.

Good job

Simple and really fun. I want to play more.

Good Game!

I really enjoy playing this game!

Lite version not worth it

The lite version only gives you like 2 or 3 short rounds. Plus its super easy... The lite version definitely does not make me want to buy the full version.


This game is wierd . It just stars and keeps going. There really isnt any point to it.

Fun but...

Basic play is fun but the game needs an instructional page in game. Theres nothing at all that tells you about the mission or how to get/accomplish it. All I can tell is it has something to do with a certian color block but what do you need to do with them???

Very fun game!!

Its something to do when youre very bored. Be careful cause the games addictive, too.

Good game

Challenges your logical thinking and is fun too. Also very attractive. Lite version could allow more play though. But it does give ample opportunity to trial the game.

Only 3 stages

3 stages are not enough to start enjoying this game...

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